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Will Kratom show on a Drug Test?

How does Kratom effect the body and does it show up on a drug test?

Many people within the kratom community, especially new users, often wonder if kratom shows up on a drug test. A reasonable question to ask, especially considering many people who take kratom for pain grew up during the war on drugs. Thankfully times are changing and many are becoming more open minded in their view on drugs. Look at the progress THC has made nationally in the last few years with many states have legalizing medical and recreational Delta-9 THC, the 2018 farm bill legalizing various alternative cannabinoids and perhaps most importantly, the FDA proposing rescheduling marijuana away from a schedule 1 drug. 

Kratom on a Drug Test

Each drug test is designed to test for certain specific chemicals, most commonly used drug tests aren’t searching for Kratom so it won’t show up. However there are kratom drug test kits available to specifically test for kratom, so it isn’t unheard of. Kratom can remain detectable in your system for around a week after consumption, despite the effects wearing off within hours. 

How Kratom Breaks Down

When you consume kratom, be it extract or powder, a mixture of various lesser known alkaloids enter you body as well as the primary two Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloids are absorbed by the body to produce the effects of the kratom, then processed and broken down in the liver ready to be disposed of. Thankfully, kratom only lasts around a week in your system after use, considerably shorter than THC. 

Is Kratom Detectable in Urine?

Regular urine tests don’t search for Kratom, however there are specialty test kits which search for Kratom specifically. These kits are made to search for different alkaloids within urine that Kratom produces to detect if you have taken Kratom. Kratom can stay within your system for roughly seven days since last consumed, so plan accordingly if you will have to take a kratom test in the future!

Can Kratom show in your Blood?

Yes, Kratom can show in your blood as different metabolites appear for several days after consumption. However, it is very unlikely a blood test will be given to test for Kratom over a basic urine test. 

Does Kratom appear in your Saliva?

Theoretically Kratom and the metabolites it produces should appear in your saliva, however as testing for Kratom isn’t very common there aren’t any commercial Kratom Saliva Testing Kits. With urine testing being standard practice in drug testing there isn’t any rush to innovate for a Saliva Test.

Will Kratom show up in my Hair?

Hair Follicle Drug Testing is often considered the gold standard of drug testing because it has the longest reach in time and shows a large array of different substances when tested for. Thankfully, there is no currently known hair drug test for Kratom or whether kratom compounds bind to hair at all, as more research on this subject needs to be done. 

Is Kratom Legal?

Federally Kratom is not a controlled substance, so it is legal and left up to the states to decide if it is legal or not. Some States have banned the sale of Kratom, such as Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Some States have instead decided to pass regulation requiring the consumer be at least 18, such as Illinois, New Hampshire, or Tennessee. Most states have opted to ignore kratom and rather than pass legislation leave it in the hands of the public. 

Is Drug Testing Legal?

While Kratom is legal employers may still drug test for it, just because Kratom isn’t commonly drug tested for doesn’t mean it’s always safe. Kratom still causes impairment in higher doses and shouldn’t be taken while operating machinery. Employers may look for this as well while testing for other things, such as THC or opiates, and potentially have justification to reprimand. 

Federally random drug testing is legal to do, so long as the procedure is fair to all employees and consistent, nobody should be singled out. These procedures are generally written into the companies guidelines, so they shouldn’t come as a surprise. State and local laws may also have specific guidelines about how it must be carried out.

Quality Kratom

Kratom is going to show up in your drug test, but only if they have the right kind of drug test. Thankfully, Kratom only lasts for about a week in the body before being fully metabolized and is fully processed through the body and no longer shows on a drug test. So, armed with this knowledge the only real question left is where to find high quality and potent Kratom? KansasKratom, of course, has all your needs from powders to extracts! We make sure to keep up to date on our Certificates of Authenticity (CoA) to show the strength of our Kratom. At KansasKratom we ensure the freshness of our Kratom buy placing smaller orders more frequently, therefore rotating our stock as we get it. The less time Kratom spends in our warehouse the more time it can spend on your shelf!

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