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Why Is White Maeng Da So Popular?

What makes White Maeng Da Kratom so popular?

White Maeng Da is an extremely popular strain that has held the test of time. Considering Maeng Da strains are known for their potency and strong effects, this gives it a good foundation to being a favorite of kratom users. The white vein aspect means it will enhance your mood and give you energy for hours to come, much like a strong cup of coffee in the morning. It’s no wonder White Maeng Da has become such a powerhouse in the Kratom world.

How is White Maeng Da Made?

Hailing from the wilderness of the West Kalimantan region of Indonesia, White Maeng Da Kratom Powder—also commonly called ‘White MD’—gets its name from the whitish hue that the Kratom leaf veins develop during and after the specific drying process it undergoes. Being in the Maeng Da family, this strain is what Kratom users reach for when they want a particularly powerful dose. Maeng Da Kratom strains are generally prized for their well known strength along with the effects they give users. Our White Maeng Da strain contains a blend of both White Vein and Green Vein Kratom. To produce just the right white vein, the Kratom leaves are dried outdoors for multiple days, with the leaves and stems intact. They’re then moved indoors and continue to dry after removing the stems, resulting in a surprisingly different coloration and effect from the change in temperature and humidity. For our Green Vein Kratom, the leaves require a brief drying inside, in a controlled environment, followed by a lengthy exposure to the sun. This produces the optimal green vein we strive to achieve.

These varieties are then combined to yield a mixture that is best known for giving the user a distinct ‘pick me up’ effect. While not truly identified as a “pure white vein” like our White Dragon blend, i’s just as strong and provides a similar energizing effect. Despite being a blend of White and Green Vein many believe White Maeng Da to be a pure white because of its potency and how well rounded of a strain it is. 

What are White Maeng Da's Benefits?

Mood Enhancement

As with many kratom strains it takes quite a load off of your mind and helps to ease your worries. White Maeng Da has been known to be great at releasing stress, helping you to feel less anxious and nervous, or just allowing you to deal with people on a day to day basis. 

Staying Sharp

Similarly to drinking a nice energy drink in the morning White Maeng Da helps you wake up and stay moving for hours to come. It’ll keep your mind sharp and make sure you stay on task, whether it be with studying for a test or focused at work. This is the perfect white vein for the job. 

Value for your Money

Maeng Da Strains are one of the highest potency strains on the market, meaning you won’t have to consume as much kratom to get the full effects you desire. and in turn stretches the value of your kratom much further. This is fantastic because it keeps your tolerance from building up as quickly, saving you more money in the long run.

One of The Best Stimulants of Any Kratom Strain

Many kratom users love the plant for this reason alone. Many strains have stimulating effects that can make users feel alert, awake, and focused without having to deal with the morning caffeine. White Maeng Da is one of the most powerful strains when it comes to its stimulating effects, lasting for hours of uninterrupted clarity.

Is White Maeng Da For Me?

White Maeng Da is a fantastic strain for energy and stimulation, great for pre and post workout. There are alternative strains, such as our White Thai for those who find White Maeng Da to be too strong or intimidating of a product to start with. However, experienced Kratom consumers would be hard pressed to find a more potent White Vein to sate their needs. 

In the end there is only one way to know for sure if a product is for you and that’s to try it! Here at KansasKratom we have Fresh and Potent White Maeng Da in our constantly rotating inventory, ensuring it is never old or browned. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out and contact us or place an order today!

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