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The Ultimate Guide to THC by Kansas Kratom

The ultimate guide to THC and everything you need to know about them.

Our goal at Kansas Kratom is to help supply our customers and THC consumers in general with as much information as possible so people can be informed when making a purchase. It is important to know about the different kinds of cannabinoids available on the market and what they can do for you. Thankfully because of the 2018 farm bill many new cannabinoids have become more widely available in the cannabis market, so it’s always good to stay up to date with changes in the THC space. 

Different Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids can effect the body in different ways by interacting with various receptors within the body. The various cannabinoids differ in abundance, potency, and even the method they have to be grown, so it is important to know what you’re buying.


CBD is a cannabinoid found in abundance within cannabis and hemp. CBD alone will not show as THC on a traditional drug test making this a particularly unique cannabinoid in the cannabis market; however, when full spectrum CBD is consumed various other cannabinoids are often included as well, such as trace amounts of Delta-9 THC, which may result in a positive test. In all CBD can be excellent over a long period of time, though it may take up to a few months to begin to experience the full effects, but it is important to be aware that CBD may still contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids. 

Delta-9 THC is the traditional cannabinoid most people think of when cannabis comes to mind and what is considered when medical or recreational marijuana is discussed. Very potent and generally considered the baseline when comparing cannabinoids with each other.

Cannabis can be grown to specifically target Delta-9 THC, which can result in flower with up to ~30% Delta-9 THC or more. However, more recently (to comply with the 2018 farm bill) Delta-9 THC has also begun to be extracted from hemp, with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC specifically, into oil or distillate to be made into edibles, vapes or other products. 

Delta-8 THC is very similar to traditional Delta-9 THC, however slightly toned down in effect. Delta-8 THC can often be seen as a Indica form of THC, because Delta-10 THC is often seen as a Sativa in effects. Being such an abundant, albeit weaker, cannabinoid within hemp Delta-8 THC is often used along with other stronger cannabinoids as a mix to create a stronger blend.

Delta-10 THC is very similar to traditional Delta-9 THC, however it has a slightly toned down effect. Delta-10 THC can often be seen as a Sativa form of THC, largely because Delta-8 is often seen as a Indica in effects. Similarly to Delta-8 THC because it is so abundant yet weaker cannabinoid in hemp Delta-10 THC is often used along with other stronger cannabinoids to create a mix.

THCA is a rather unique cannabinoid as it transforms into Delta-9 THC once it is heated and undergoes a process known as decarboxylation, before THCA undergoes this process it is effectively inactive and will not provide the user any effects when consumed. Once THCA is fully decarboxylated it has been turned into traditional Delta-9 THC and therefore shares all the same effects and is fully ready for consumption.

THCP is an interesting cannabinoid because it has shown to be roughly 30x the strength of traditional Delta-9 THC. THCP is an extremely uncommon cannabinoid within cannabis, making it have to be to be extracted and concentrated into oils and distillate. However, the cost of production makes THCP rare to be seen as a standalone product, despite its strength. Most commonly THCP is added into mixes to enhance the strength of other products and create a more well rounded blend.

How to Consume THC

Not every cannabinoid is suited for each method of consumption, similarly not every method of consuming cannabinoids is going to be for everyone, so it is important to choose what is right for you and what fits your lifestyle. 

The classic way to consume cannabis which can be grown the accentuate different cannabinoids. Delta-9 THC flower is the primary form used by the medical community, however THCA flower has recently had a boom in popularity thanks to being compliant with the 2018 farm bill and is equally as strong. 

Some non-naturally grown flowers do exist, such as Delta-8 THC or Delta-10 THC, but they aren’t grown this way. Instead hemp is taken and sprayed with distillate then allowed to dry onto the flower, making a pseudo-marijuana. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this process, it often leads to a subpar product compared to traditional Delta-9 THC or THCA flower. 

Distillate can be made from nearly any cannabinoid available, the only concern is the abundance of the cannabinoid within cannabis. The less common the cannabinoid is the more expensive it is to concentrate and the less likely a cartridge is to be made of that extract alone. THCP for example is one of the most potent cannabinoids on the market, however because it is such a rare cannabinoid within hemp it is extremely rare that a cartridge is made out of THCP alone. 

Cartridges are a lovely way to vape cannabinoids, coming in various single use sizes from half gram to three grams or more. However, where cartridges truly shine is being able to attach onto a high quality reusable pen. This allows the user to truly customize everything about their vaping experience from the airflow to heating, some even having attachments with water perks similar to bubblers.

Distillate is concentrated from nearly any cannabinoid available, the only question is how abundant the cannabinoid to be concentrated is within the cannabis. Disposables are an all in one package containing the cannabinoid, a heating mechanism already attached, and a rechargeable battery. The disposable unit is often only designed to last as long as it takes to finish the 1G/2G/3G etc. of cannabis, needing to be recharged more as disposables get larger.

Edibles are a fantastic, long lasting, way to consume cannabis and have become one of the most widely available. Unlike Flower and Cartridges/Disposables Edibles can take around 30min to take effect, however their effects can last for 6 hours or more depending on your metabolism. Your metabolism is the key here because ingesting the cannabinoid leads to a different delivery mechanism than traditional inhaling. Edibles can also come in many forms be it cookies, brownies, chips, or gummies. 


A popular method of consumption, especially for CBD, is sublingually or under the tongue. Cannabinoids are concentrated into an oil, then generally flavored to be more palatable, and sold in a vial/tear dropper form. This makes dosage extremely accurate and mobile for people who like to be on the go, simply fill the dropper and leave the oil under the tongue for around a minute or until the flavor gets old to receive the maximum effects. 

Concentrates can come in many cannabinoids and in multiple different forms of concentrates, be it wax or diamonds. Concentrates come in extremely high potency, often reaching into the 80% or more THC range. Concentrates can be consumed in various ways such as smoked alongside flower or with a torch and dab rig. 


The laws surrounding cannabis can be tough to navigate as they are ever changing and can vary by different cannabinoid. Delta-9 THC is the traditional cannabinoid that most people know when thinking of cannabis, however it is still a schedule 1 drug on a federal level. Many states have taken it upon themselves to legalize Delta-9 THC for Medical and/or Recreational despite the federal classification. Thankfully the 2018 farm bill made hemp with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC legal for agricultural purposes, inadvertently legalizing many cannabinoids in the process as well. This farm bill has greatly increased the availability of cannabis throughout most of the U.S., though it may not be the cannabinoid many are familiar with. Though, some states and municipalities have noticed these new cannabinoids and sought to ban them for various reasons. With many different levels of government and increasing numbers of cannabinoids to navigate it’s always best to check your local laws and regulations for updated information for yourself.

Finding Quality

When shopping for quality cannabis products, online or in person, be sure to check for the cannabinoids in the product. Not every product is the same depending on the ratio of the mix, that is why some products(like THCP) are used to increase the strength of blends. A reputable vendor should show their Certificate of Authenticities (CoA) for their products either on the product itself or on the website easily available, this proves the quality of the product. These subtle things can make the difference between a quality vape that hits hard and get you high and one that falls flat. Thankfully at KansasKratom we have CoAs for all our products easily available in one convenient location. Products at Kansas Kratom list the cannabinoids contained either in ratios or specific mg so you know exactly what you’re buying every time. 


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