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Habit – THCA Sauce – 2 Gram Disposables

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Habit Sauce Disposable – 2 Gram THCA – Rechargeable

Choose between 5 different strains with the strongest THCA Disposable on the market, by Habit!
Whether you choose a nice indica to relax or a sativa to help get you moving, you’ll be more than happy with the quality of these THCA disposables, coming in with a HEFTY 95%+ pure THCA lab test, you know you’re only getting the best with these disposables.

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Habit – THCA Sauce – 2 Gram Disposables

By far the strongest disposable I’ve personally had, and definitely my favorite! – Steven (employee)

Habit THCA Disposable Strains & Lab Tests

Black Diamond (Indica) CoA – https://kansaskratom.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/90117-2g-rechargeable-black-diamond.pdf

OG Glue (Indica) CoA –  https://kansaskratom.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/90122-2g-rechargeable-og-glue.pdf

Mac (Hybrid) CoA – https://kansaskratom.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/90120-2g-rechargeable-mac.pdf

Sour Haze (Sativa) CoA – https://kansaskratom.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/90119-2g-rechargeable-sour-haze.pdf

How is THCa Flower produced?

THCa is produced by hydroponic growers who use a special enzyme in the nutrients to prevent the conversion of THCa into THC. These growers use popular strains of cannabis and make sure that the end product remains within the legal limit of Industrial Hemp, which is less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

How does THCa still work if it’s locked up in THCa?

Although THCa does not have the psychoactive effects of THC in its raw form, it still has therapeutic benefits. THCa is an acidic form of THC and is believed to have many benefits on its own. However, to unlock the psychoactive effects of THCa, it needs to go through a process called decarboxylation, which is a fancy word for heating up or lighting on fire. When you heat THCa, it converts into THC, which is what gives you the traditional marijuana high. This is why THCa needs to be heated before consumption to activate its psychoactive effects. It also acts as a CB1 receptor antagonist, meaning that it can inhibit the psychoactive effects of THC when used together.

How is THCa Legal?

THCa is legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp and products derived from it, including THCa . As long as the THCa contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, it is considered legal under federal law.

What types of effects does THCa give you?

THCa can provide the same effects as typical THC and marijuana, but only after it has been heated and decarboxylated. Until then, the THCa will not produce psychoactive effects but may still have therapeutic benefits.

How do I use THCa?

THCa is used by heating it to decarboxylate the THCa into THC. This can be achieved by by heating it with fire or in an oven at around 200-250°F for 30-40 minutes. When using THCa flower, it is important to note that the act of heating the flower is what decarboxylates it, allowing the THC to become active.

Did the DEA really confirm this form of THCa is legal? YES!

On January 6, 2022, the DEA stated: “material that is derived or extracted from the cannabis plant such as tissue culture and any other genetic material that has a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of no more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis meets the legal definition of “hemp” and is thus not controlled under the CSA.”

Can I get in legal trouble with THCa?

THCa is legal in its unheated and unsmoked form. However, driving around while smoking THCa is not advisable as heating it up alters its chemical composition, potentially leading to illegal THC levels in the flower and your body.

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Purchasing Habit 2 Gram THCA Disposable FAQs

What are Habits THCA Disposables and What are they Used For?

The 2 Gram THCA Disposable by Habit is a hemp derived product known for its potency, around 95% THCA. With different strains to provide exactly what you’re looking for, be it indica or sativa Habits THCA disposable has it all.

The high potency provides instant relief of aches and pains as well as a calmness of mind on the first inhale. THCA converts into traditional Delta-9 THC once heated, so it’s fairly familiar for an experienced THC consumer. 

Why Habits 2 Gram Disposables May be Right For You.

Habits 2 Gram THCA Disposables are extremely convenient because they are portable as well as the name implies, disposable. Built to last the lifetime of their distillate, often with a rechargeable battery, then be thrown away without worry.

Easy to travel and share with family or friends, Habits THCA Disposables are perfect for a day trip or a vacation. Even better THCA Disposables are legal in a wide variety of states where as Delta-9 THC Disposables are often much more restrictive, despite THCA being converted into Delta-9 THC after being heated. 

The THCA in Habits 2g Disposable is Hemp derived with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Thanks to the 2018 farm bill, industrial hemp has been allowed to be cultivated for agricultural purposes. However, in doing so many cannabinoids (except Delta-9 THC) were inadvertently federally legalized. THCA was among the list of cannabinoids legalized, and has gained popularity recently, in large parts to the abundance of the cannabinoid and the potency it possesses.

Some states have decided to ban or restrict many of these cannabinoids legalized by the 2018 farm bill. Always be sure to check with your State and local laws for up to date information.

Does Kansas Kratom have Lab Tests for their Habit THCA Disposables?

At Kansas Kratom we work with industry recognized companies like Habit that lab test their products and maintain a high standard of quality on all their products. Our job at Kansas Kratom is to keep up to date Lab Tests from all our distributors in one place, for our customers convenience, that includes the Habit 2 Gram Disposable lab tests of course. Check out our Certificate of authenticity page (CoA) for our full list of Lab Tests for all our available products.

The Different Ways You Can Buy THCA.

THCA like in the 2 Gram Disposable by Habit is Hemp Derived to comply with the 2018 farm bill and can come in many ways. 

  • Flower – THCA grows in large quantities on flower naturally, reaching nearly 30%. However, for industrial purposes it can be produced in lower quality and higher quantity for edibles and distillate.
  • Edibles – Like most cannabinoids THCA can be used in a variety of food products once extracted, from brownies to chips. Edibles take the longest to take effect having to be digested, however it lasts the longest as well. 
  • Cartridge – THCA comes in abundance, making it perfect to make distillate and fill single use carts.
  • Disposable – THCA is perfect for distillate, an excellent choice for filling disposables.

There is really no bad option when deciding what to do with THCA. When you consider that THCA simply becomes THC when heated it makes sense that THCA is the natural choice. 

Where can you buy Habits THCA Disposables?

THCA Disposables are currently flooding the market, however checking the CoA or lab tests to ensure what is in the product is an important step. You don’t want to buy THCA and get Delta-8 from an less than reputable retailer. That’s why at Kansas Kratom we show our lab tests on our Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) page. We also work with quality companies like Habit to supply quality products like the Habit 2 Gram Disposables.


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Black Diamond (Indica), OG Glue (Indica), Mac (Hybrid), Sour Haze (Sativa)

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