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Kratom: How long does it Last?

How long does it last KansasKratom

Kratom: How long does it Last? 570

People first began to experiment with Kratom over 200 years ago in southeast Asia, though that was simply chewing the leaves of this magical tree. Though that quickly transformed into experimenting with different growing, processing and drying methods in order to create different and unique strains and a more refined product for themselves to enjoy, with no idea of the global industry it would one day become. Farmers quickly learned how to extend the life of their product in the humid environment in which it was grown.

Phytochemical Stability of Kratom

Within the cell walls of the Kratom leaf there are over 20 alkaloids, uniquely beneficial to this specific plant, they are also known as phytochemicals. The most important among them and primarily responsible for Kratoms effects are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxmitragynine, which are common in all strains and blends. However, these Alkaloids don’t last forever, in fact they begin to break down the moment the leaves are removed from the tree. This is why methods of preservation and extraction are so important, but more on that later. Kratom is highly susceptible to the environment around it, which is why retailers often package it in dark, airtight bags.

Extending your Kratom

With a few key steps, your Kratom Powders shelf life could be doubled or more! Here are a few of our important tips to keep your Kansas Kratom Fresh and Potent for longer!

Storage – Store your Kratom in a cool, dry, and dark place like a pantry or closet. While many people think the refrigerator may be the go to place for their Kratom, the humidity is a real killer for kratom longevity!

Containers – Most reputable Kratom retailers will provide quality bags to store your kratom in for the quantity you purchase so that no humidity or light can get in. It’s generally best to store the kratom in the bag it comes in unless you’ve come prepared with a quality airtight/lightproof container you prefer!

Utensils – Moisture can get in with the measuring device you use to get your Kratom, so be weary and always use a clean scoop or be sure to dry it should it get wet!

Inspect – Caution is your friend and you know best! If you think something is off or your kratom is getting old, it just might be, better safe than sorry. Fresh Kratom should have a signature earthy smell.

Beware Of Low Quality Kratom

The Kratom market is largely unregulated, meaning there are usually no quality control guidelines, protections, or safety measures in place when someone cuts corners. While this is changing with the Kratom Consumer Protection Acts, not all states have joined this. That’s why it’s very important to always check for a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) when purchasing Kratom and to do so from a quality retailer. While local locations such as a gas station may certainly be convenient, they often do not vet their sources before putting their products up for sale, therefore putting their customers at risk.

At KansasKratom, we do not hide our CoAs and always ensure they’re up to date so that there’s no confusion about what our consumers are getting in their product. We also work with our manufacturer/distributor to do biweekly orders, that way we can limit our inventory to what our customers want and need. This enables us to have the Freshest and most Potent Kratom around! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out any time!

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