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Is Smoking Kratom Safe?

Kratom: Is Smoking it safe?

Is smoking Kratom bad? This explores the safety and side effects of smoking Kratom and alternative ways to consume it.

Here at KansasKratom we strongly discourage smoking Kratom due to potential long-term side effects on the lungs and central nervous system it may have. Ingesting kratom through smoking, especially large amounts of raw kratom leaves, can harm the capillaries in your lungs as is the case with any inhaled burnt plant matter. It’s recommended to stick to reliable methods of ingestion, such as kratom powder or kratom capsules. Let’s explore further into the reasons why it’s best to stick to the classic methods as we continue through this blog!

What is Kratom?

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree native to Southeast Asia. It’s used to produce dried or powdered Kratom. The leaves of this tree contain a substance called mitragynine, which possesses opiate-like properties. Some preparations of Kratom have mild stimulant effects while others are more akin to a sedative.

Kratom is primarily available for purchase online, but can also be found in local head shops, supplement stores, or gas stations. Kratom has been associated with helping with various ailments such as anxiety, depression, aches/pains, and fatigue among other things. From talking to some of our customers Kratom can do all sorts of things from helping wind down for bed to giving that boost needed to start the morning off with a cheery smile.

Originally, the whole dried leaves of Kratom were smoked or consumed in a drink. However, nowadays, the leaves are processed to enhance various alkaloids and is commonly sold in the form of capsules, pills, powders, or extracts, allowing for easy oral consumption without the need for preparation. The unprocessed dried leaves are occasionally sold and can be consumed, additionally while the powder is sometimes snorted or smoked, this is rare and heavily discouraged. 

Why Isn't Smoking Kratom Good?

Smoking Kratom is not a good idea for several reasons. Firstly, smoke inhalation, especially smoke from plant matter, is not biologically intended for human lungs, this applies to dry Kratom products like Kratom powder as well as raw Kratom leaves. The act of smoking itself can cause harm to your respiratory system as well as the central nervous system. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly state that smoking can damage your airways and the delicate air sacs in your lungs, potentially leading to lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD symptoms, like a persistent cough, shortness of breath, and chest tightness, can significantly impact your quality of life. Additionally, while Kratom may have potential benefits when consumed through other methods, smoking it may not provide the same desired effects or efficacy.  

Smoking Kratom may diminish its effectiveness due to the unique alkaloids present in the plant. The main alkaloids responsible for the effects of Kratom are Mitragynine (M.G.) and 7-hydroxymitragynine (MG-OH). When consumed through traditional methods these alkaloids can provide varying desired effects, depending on the Kratom Vein (Red, White, or Green) it is made of. However, smoking Kratom may lead to reduced efficacy and potentially undermine the intended benefits by altering or outright destroying the alkaloids within during consumption. One of its active compounds, 7-hydroxymitragynine, breaks down completely at 60°C (140°F), while Mitragynine degrades fully at 80°C (176°F). When compared to the average temperature of a lit cigarette, which reaches around 482°C (900°F), smoking Kratom at lower temperatures proves ineffective. It is important to carefully consider the most effective methods of consuming Kratom to fully experience its potential benefits. 

How Should You Take Kratom?

Overall it is important to remember that Kratom in each of its forms has unique benefits to consider and match with your own personal lifestyle.

Kratom Powder

The traditional method of ingestion. Processed dried leaves and stems ground into a fine powder to be mixed into water or gently boiled into a tea. Consisting of RedGreen, or White Veins or a mixture of each and blended together. The exact alkaloid makeup of each plant depends on where it was grown and the exact process it underwent during fermentation and drying.

Kratom Capsules

Similar to Kratom powder, dried leaves and stems are processed and then ground into a fine powder, however they are then placed into capsules, generally gelatin capsules for ease of digestion. While Capsules may take slightly longer than straight Kratom powders to take effect they avoid any unpleasant taste many find to be a large hurdle to overcome when beginning to take Kratom.

Kratom Extracts

Kratom Extracts have become widely more popular in recent years as they are become more easy to produce and the demand has increased. Essentially the goal of an extract is to pull the Alkaloids within Kratom, such as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxmitragynine, out of the Kratom and into a medium that can hold them in higher concentrations, such as an oil. This can be done on a large commercial scale or in your very own kitchen with materials you most likely have on hand using the “Red bubbler” method. Once extracted the concentrated Alkaloids can be consumed as is or used to create other mixtures such as Kratom Shots or Edibles.

Kratom Edibles

Perhaps the slowest to take effect on this list, however generally the most delicious, the edible! Utilizing the Kratom Extract to create a Edible from cookies to gummies of your favorite Vein Kratom to enjoy. The only issue being the food must be completely metabolized before the kratom may take full effect, not ideal for consumers who require a quick dosage.

Kratom Shot

Kratom Shots are a lot like Kratom Extracts, however they are generally highly flavored and designed to be drank, as the name would suggest, quickly as a shot. This fast concentrated dosage is perfect for those on the go who like elevated controlled dosage, as you know exactly the concentration within an extract down to the milligram. Not to mention a hint of fruity Lemon or Cherry helps the Kratom go down smoothly and leaves a refreshing aftertaste compared to traditional powders. 

Where to get Kratom?

The most important thing is trusting where you get your Kratom. Trust starts with good, up to date Certificate of Authenticities (CoA), quality customer service, and trustworthy business practices. At KansasKratom we keep our suppliers accountable with up to date CoAs and high quality, fresh products. This is why we order smaller shipments at more frequent intervals to ensure a higher inventory turnover so product never comes close to browning on our shelves. The less time in our warehouse the more time on your shelf!

smoking kratom safety and side effects KansasKratom

Is Smoking Kratom Safe?

Kratom: Is Smoking it safe? Here at KansasKratom we strongly discourage smoking Kratom due to potential long-term side effects on

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