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Creating your own Extracts: A Kansas Kratom Guide

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Creating your own Extracts: A Kansas Kratom Guide 570

In over 200 years that the Kratom plant has been used around the globe, people have developed a variety of ways to consume it. There are a number of Kratom-infused pastries, pies, smoothies, and marinades. Kratom leaves have been chopped up into a loose-leaf tea used in brewing hot beverages to a powder placed in capsules for ease of consumption. However you can dream up a way to get the beneficial plant alkaloids from the Kratom leaf into your body, chances are someone, somewhere has tried it first. Although, what about extracting these unique alkaloids? As with many other botanicals, the alkaloids contained within the Kratom leaves can be extracted from the plant matter to yield an especially potent serum that allows for enhanced absorption and enjoyment of Kratom. Extraction on a commercial scale began in full force within the Kratom industry roughly 4-5 years ago.

Once Kratom extracts hit the market, they’ve developed a devoted following by Kratom enthusiasts. However, commercial extraction is a very time-consuming process with specialty machinery required. The added costs of production generally land on the consumer, this might be just fine for Kratom users who are willing to pay the premium for a great extract. However, what if consumers could perform their own extractions at home? The good news is that at-home Kratom extraction is simple, safe, and easy. The Kratom community has developed a technique of at-home extraction that doesn’t require the use of high-tech laboratory equipment, and chances are good that you already have the materials you need in your kitchen already, save for a bit of quality KansasKratom! This at-home Kratom extraction method is called the ‘Red Bubble’ method. In this article, we’re going to break down the steps you can take to use this procedure to create high-quality, powerful Kratom extracts of your favorite blends within the comfort of your home. So, let’s get started!

Materials Needed For Kratom Extraction

Pyrex or similar Freezer-friendly container – Short, Sturdy, Sealable. This can be substituted with a Ziplock bag, but a tried-and-true Pyrex is highly recommended.

Fresh & Potent Kratom Powder – Naturally you want to use the highest quality Kratom you can find to extract for the best results. Don’t worry, KansasKratom has you covered with the Freshest and most Potent Kratom around!

Lemon/Lime Juice – To perform the extraction you need a solvent to break down the Kratom, which we find Lemon/Lime Juice works perfectly! This can be down with other solvents such as Distilled White Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pickle Juice, however Lemon/Lime gives the best flavor! Now you will need a lot, roughly equal parts juice to Kratom powder (4tbs Juice to 4tbs Kratom Powder) though this isn’t a bad thing as the citric acid in the juice can help as a natural preservative for your extract!

Distilled Water – While you can use simple tap water in a pinch, it is preferred to keep the concentration of minerals/contaminants to a minimum making distilled the best.

Freezer Space – This is the real challenge, finding the freezer space to put your newly made extraction so it can settle!

Red Bubble Kratom Extraction Step by Step

Step 1 – Mix Kratom and Juice (in equal parts) into your Pyrex container until a rough pancake batter like consistency is achieved. Remember it is better to start with small batches as a test run until proficient with the extraction process.

Step 2 – Bring distilled water to just under a boil as we do not want to cook the kratom/juice mixture, but to help speed along the extraction process.

Step 3 – Time to combine. Slowly pour your hot water into the Kratom mixture while stirring, add at least as much water as Juice. The more you add the easier it will be to extract, however the more diluted the extraction will be.

Step 4 – Time to freeze! Place your new mixture into the freezer for 6-8 hours or until frozen solid.

Step 5 – The final Step! Allow the frozen mixture to dethaw on the counter or in the refrigerator and then pass through a cheesecloth to remove any plant material within, as it will no longer contain any alkaloids, feel free to discard. Congratulations, you’ve created your own Kratom extract!

The Science

Well, the alkaloids contained in Kratom powder are soluble in an acidic solution, which is the lemon juice. Enzymes in your digestive system are also acidic, and using lemon juice to extract your Kratom alkaloids makes it easier for them to be absorbed. By freezing the solution, the plant matter expands and releases the contained alkaloids. This effectively renders the final plant matter useless, which is why it can be discarded or composted after the extraction is complete. Even though a small amount of alkaloids are still contained within the final plant matter, the vast majority have made their way into suspension within the lemon juice/water solution. Now that you’ve learned how to perform the Red Bubble extraction, tell your friends! Please, be sure to tell us what you think of the finished product! If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us here at KansasKratom!

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