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Can THCV really get you High without the munchies?

What is THCV and what do I need to know about it?

Recently a lesser known cannabinoid, THCV, has gained attention within the cannabis community. This is because THCV has been shown to have all the same great effects traditional Delta-9 THC has from calming anxiety to ache and pein relief, without the hunger inducing munchies! 

What is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a psychoactive cannabinoid found primarily within Sativa strains of cannabis and is somewhat unique among cannabinoids in the sense that it does not stimulate an appetite like most cannabis does. This lack of appetite stimulation has often lead to THCV being called, the “diet weed.” Multiple studies have been done to show this effect, most recently phylos and people science conducted a double blind study of 78 participants. While this is not a massive sample size, THCV is a newer cannabinoid slowly proving itself in the cannabis market. 

How to Take THCV

THCV can be a very expensive cannabinoid to produce because it is not very abundant within hemp, because of this it is most often used within blends and mixed with other THC products. 

Unfortunately, THCV is not abundant enough to be smoked in flower form and must be extracted from hemp and concentrated into an oil or distillate.

Having to be refined into a concentrate already makes THCV the perfect cannabinoid to be put into a cartridge. Being expensive to produce makes THCV most commonly available in blends mixed with other THCs.

THCV is most commonly produced by being refined from hemp into a oil or distillate. Once this process is complete it can then be loaded into a Disposable pen, however THCV is expensive to produce and is most commonly available in blends mixed with other THCs.

THCV is the perfect cannabinoid for edibles, as the first step is to refine raw hemp into a THCV oil or distillate. This concentrate can then be added to edibles such as chips, cookies, brownies, or most commonly gummies. However, due to the cost to produce THCV it is most commonly added to blends and mixed with other THCs.

Is THCV Legal?

Yes, THCV Is legal in most states across the U.S.. Thanks to the 2018 Farm bill, legalizing hemp with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC for agricultural purposes, also legalizing many additional cannabinoids, THCV included. Some states and municipalities have taken it upon themselves to ban specific cannabinoids or all THC products in general, so it is always to check for yourself for the most up to date laws and regulations in your area. 

Where to Find THCV

THCV is a newer cannabinoid and less plentiful within hemp so there aren’t many companies manufacturing products such as vapes or gummies with THCV as the primary cannabinoid. The lack of widely available products can make finding THCV a bit of a challenge, however once located always be sure to check for a up to date Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) to ensure a quality product. At Kansas Kratom we ensure our CoAs are up to date and work with industry leading manufacturers to bring the best products on the market to our customers door.

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